10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy over Christmas
Dec 15, 2016

Merry Christmas pawrents and furbabies! We hope these holidays bring you and your loved ones peace and love. To make sure everyone in the family is jolly and serene, we put together a list to keep your furbaby smiling this Christmas:

1.Furbaby, it's cold outside! But I still need a walk  

It might be freezing outside, but your dog needs his or her daily walks and exercise. Going out for some fresh air is uplifting for them. Even if staying home all day may seem like a good idea, your doggie still needs to go outside. Remember to give your furbaby a nice long walk this holiday season. Little boots and a coat, will help them enjoy the walk even more!

Winter walking your dog

2. All I want for Christmas is you!

Christmas can get very busy and agitated, but don't worry your furbaby is by your side through thick and thin. Keep your dog entertained with your guests and with their doggie friends. This Christmas is the perfect occasion to give your dog extra attention and affection. Especially with so many guests!

Happy dog

3. 'Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la

Connecting to the last point, now that you have free time for the holidays, bond with your doggie, play more, jump around with him or her. Your furbaby enjoys the Christmas spirit as much as you do, there's nothing like spending time with family!

playful dog

4. Oh Holy Night, cute toys and abundant treats

Your dog gets bored of the same food and same toys just as you do. This Christmas be careful what you feed your doggie, but make sure you give him or her a variety of their treats. This will keep them entertained and satisfied. As for toys, it's better if they change between them instead of having them all at once. Each toy will be as exciting as the first time.


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5. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas let your fur be bright

Some doggies love bath time, some not as much. While it is not required to bathe your dog once a week, it's best to keep your furbaby clean and groomed. These holidays give your doggie a nice relaxing bath. Right after they will run around playful, and your house won't be full of hair.

white dog

6. I'm dreaming of a white and loving Christmas

Your dog loves compliments! Your opinion matters the most to your dog if you approve, if you are happy, your dog is happy. Your emotions rub on your furbaby immediately. Have your whole family love and compliment your doggie. Hugs and kisses all around! Spreading love and harmony will be contagious for the entire family.  

Christmas family

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7. Santa baby, where did you hide the treats tonight

While you and your family are busy, you must keep your dog engaged with different activities. Organize a fun treasure hunt for your dog. Put your treats all around the house and have your doggie look for them. They will feel accomplished and satisfied.

curious pug

8. But if you'll hold me tight, I'll be the happiest furbaby

Dogs run, jump and can't wait for more exercise. Their muscles can grow tense from being active, and just like us, they need to release the pressure accumulated in their muscles. Give your doggie a long massage these holidays, and they will forever be grateful.

dog relaxing

9. Joy to the furbaby if you blow them bubbles

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing your furbaby jump around cheerful and alive. When you blow bubbles at them, they try to reach all of them; they chase them, and the look on their face when the bubble bursts it's priceless. Where did it go? Oh wait, there's more!!


10. All is calm all is bright, snuggle and relax

At the end of the day, everyone is tired and at the same time still moved by the Christmas celebration. Take some time to relax and unwind. Snuggle up with your furbaby and keep warm until you fall asleep. A full day of activities equals to a full night sleep.

dog sleeping

Wishing everyone happy holidays on behalf of the Furbo Team! Stay warm, jolly and peaceful. May this Christmas bring you the sweetest and caring gifts. Don't forget to capture all the special family moments. At the end of the day, time spent with family is worth every second.

Did you get you furbaby a Furbo this Christmas?

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