Exercise Improves Dog Behaviour
Jul 29, 2021

If you need extra motivation to make sure your dog gets regular exercise during these hot summer days, how about this: did you know that regular exercise improves your dog’s behaviour? Exercise is tied to a host of changes in physical and mental health, which is true for both easy exercise (like walking) and more complex exercises (like training). So, what kind of benefits can you expect?


Less home destruction

Sufficient daily exercise keeps your dog from feeling pent-up, that bad feeling that leads to chewed furniture or belongings. It also gives them that nice endorphin flood, like a human’s “runner’s high,” which increases their sense of well-being. 


Reduced separation anxiety

If your dog has mild separation anxiety, try giving them a nice big walk before you go out to help with the symptoms. While exercise is not a cure for separation anxiety, it will fatigue the dog, so they will be more prone to rest while you’re out of the home rather than engage in destructive or obsessive behaviours


Greater friendliness

When your dog meets other dogs and humans on their walk, it makes a big difference to their socialization! They need a social life just like we do, and making new friends helps them to build good behaviour patterns. They’ll be less likely to sound off at unfamiliar faces, and more likely to approach strangers with a neutral or friendly mindset. 


A better relationship with you!

When you train your dog with easy tricks like “fetch” or “sit,” it enforces their bond with you and makes them more prone to obedience. It also makes exercise more mentally stimulating for pups, which is great for their mental health. You can even try slightly more difficult tricks, like running around objects: your dog loves pleasing you and getting treats, and they’ll be on their best behaviour by the time you both get home.
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