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Interactive Pet Camera

Interactive Pet Camera

A truly interactive pet camera lets you communicate with your dog while monitoring him or her to ensure safety.
Live Streaming HD Video

An interactive dog camera needs to let you see what your dog is up to at all times and should be able to record video and images when needed. A good pet interactive camera also has quality lenses to capture every detail. While many cameras promise to be interactive, however, few truly are. Furbo Dog Camera was designed to fill this need. Our team consulted with dog lovers, vets, engineers and other experts to create a truly interactive system that lets you do more with your dog no matter where you are.

Furbo has HD-quality video so you can record the best moments with your furry loved one. Crisp, clear images and audio also make it easier to communicate by voice and let you see every small detail for your complete peace of mind. See your dog in real-time and let them hear you instantly. Clear images let you see exactly what’s going on so you can respond appropriately.

2-Way Audio

Furbo interactive dog camera is a 2-way pet camera, allowing you to see and speak to your dog. With this technology, you can use your voice to communicate with your dog so he or she can see their favorite human is thinking of them. With Furbo two-way pet cameras, you can see your dog and engage with him or her through treats and your voice — two forms of communication dogs understand.

Two-way audio is also great for communicating and training. You can issue commands such as "speak" or "sit" and hear your dog respond. You can praise them so they are encouraged to keep responding to you.

two way audio pet camera
interactive treat tossing dog camera
Treat Tossing

Furbo has an interactive dog treat dispenser that lets you load the system with your dog's favorite treats and allows you to dispense the food when you want. Unlike automated treat dispensers, which dispense treats or food at specific hours, Furbo gives you complete control over dispensing.

You can dispense treats whenever you want using the free smartphone app. You can use treats to reward your dog, ensure he or she walks up to the camera or to reinforce training. You can also use the treat dispenser just to get a better photo of your furbaby or to watch the delight on their face when a favorite treat seems to materialize out of thin air.

Bark Alert

When you think about it, your dog is one of your most vulnerable household members. He or she can't call you when there’s a problem. Their one way of communicating is through barking — but without Furbo, you may miss this important cue. Furbo bark alerts automatically send you a message when your dog is agitated, allowing you to be instantly alerted to any potential emergency or problem.

If you've always wanted a cam monitoring system for your dog and want something that's the next best thing to actually being home, Furbo is a great choice. Order Furbo today to keep your baby safe!

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