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Puppy Camera

Puppy Camera

A puppy needs to be carefully supervised. Like a human baby, he or she needs love and attention. Many dog lovers who choose to get a puppy wonder how to ensure their new addition to the household remains safe and is able to grow in a healthy way. If you've been looking for a puppy monitor camera, Furbo Dog Camera is a feature-rich solution that may be right for you.

See and Monitor Your Furbaby at All Times

Furbo lets you see and monitor your puppy at all times. With HD vision and night vision technology, you can see your puppy even when lighting conditions are not ideal. Best of all, you can use your cell phone with Android or Apple software to check up on your dog at any time.

A free puppy camera app with Furbo allows you total control of Furbo, allowing you to take photo and video, monitor your puppy, get puppy alerts, send images and videos to your social media accounts and more. Your puppy is always as close as your phone. You never have to wonder what he or she is up to.

Talk to Your Puppy

A puppy camera for your home will generally allow you to see your fur baby. But what happens when your fur baby needs to see or talk to you? Furbo offers two-way communication technology, allowing you to communicate with your puppy and talk to him or her. When your puppy is acting scared and experiencing separation anxiety, you can use your voice to calm them down.

Talking to your puppy via Furbo ensures your fur baby doesn’t have to “tough it out” and doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re not at home. Your voice is still at home with Furbo, offering reassurance and love when needed.

Train Your Puppy

The puppy months are a time of intense training and learning for your small dog. Habits and lessons learned at this time may stay with your dog for the rest of their life. To give your puppy the best chance of obedience training success, training needs to be consistent and actionable.

Furbo lets you train your puppy no matter where you are. Furbo lets you dispense treats so you can reward your puppy for good behavior. And with two-way technology, you can issue commands and see whether you get the right response. Since Furbo makes a clicking noise before dispensing treats, you can use it with click training to train your puppy.

Get Barking Alerts

Younger dogs are often just learning about barking and quiet time. For all kinds of reasons, your puppy may bark and bark — and of course you don’t want them carrying on until the little guy is tired out. You don't want your puppy barking for hours or wailing and crying without you.

With Furbo, you get barking alerts when your dog starts to bark so you can respond quickly and appropriately. With barking alerts, you never have to worry about missing an urgent matter. Plus, with two-way communication, you can immediately reassure your furbaby, preventing them from crying themselves to sleep.

puppy camera
Don’t Let Precious Memories Slip Away

The puppy months last all too short a time. Puppies grow up very quickly. Don't waste a second of the antics and funny moments. With Furbo, you can record your puppy right from your phone. You can also take video or photos and even post them to Facebook and other social media accounts right away if you want to share with the world. With Furbo, you not only get to see more moments, but you also get to capture them for posterity.

Order Furbo today so you don't miss another minute of your puppy’s precious months before they grow up.

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