How to Find a Good Dog Sitter? - 5 Things to Consider
Jun 27, 2017

The last thing you want when going on holiday is to sit and worry about your beloved fur baby at home. This is why so many families turn to pet sitters to look after their dogs and homes. If there is something you cannot put a price on, it is peace of mind.

Many dog owners prefer hiring a dog sitter as opposed to booking a boarding kennel, as kennels can be quite stressful for dogs, they might come home with ticks and fleas and they are completely taken out of their familiar environments. Because the safety of your dogs and home is at play, hiring just any pet sitter can be risky. You need to be able to trust the person looking after your dog when you are away. Here are a few things to consider before making your decision:

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1. Flexibility

Some pet sitters come to your house at an agreed upon time or times daily, where others will be able to stay in your home while you are away. Make sure you find a pet sitter that is flexible enough to adjust to your dog's routine and needs.

    2. Referrals

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      Referrals are the best way to find a reliable dog sitter. Ask your friends and family members if they have someone they can recommend or that they have used before. Ask for references from your pet sitter, or look at their website and social media pages for reviews. This will already give you a good indication of what to expect from them.

        3. Area Specific

          It is always better to find a pet sitter in your area, as this will save you money. Some pet sitters charge per kilometer they drive to your house. You also need someone to get to your home quickly in an emergency. Find a pet sitter in your area on reputable websites like:

            4. Passionate and likable


              Schedule a meeting to see how your dog feels about the person that will be looking after them. A pet sitter will need to spend one on one time with your dog/s so it is important that your dogs like this person and don't show signs of nervousness around them. You will also be able to determine if your pet sitter has a passion for dogs in the first meeting.

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                5. Honesty and reliability

                Honesty and reliability are key. You don't want your pet sitter to skip a feeding or visit without you knowing. Ask your pet sitter to communicate with you daily about how your dogs are doing. Most pet sitters do this as a part of their service and will send you pictures and an update after every visit. This will ensure that you have peace of mind and know that your pets are well looked after. 


                If you cannot afford a dog sitter, you don't need to cancel your holiday. There are a few things you can make a one-time investment on. An electronic self-feeder is a good option if you are only going to be away for 2 or 3 days. You can set the timer to your dog's exact feeding times.

                They also need a fresh water supply, so it is best not to leave the water bowl for a few days, as your dogs may knock it over and go without water. You can invest in a water fountain, leave the water tap dripping into a bowl, or fill up a few different bowls with water,  so if something should happen, there is always a source of water for your dogs.

                 Using Furbo watching Dog sleeping on the sofa

                Last, but not least, use a dog camera, so you can keep an eye on your dogs yourself, and call someone should there be any concerns. Choose one with two-way audio, which will allow you to speak to your dogs and curb their loneliness. This is also a good way to check on your pet sitter and have a quick conversation if need be. If you want to give your pup the best, Furbo Dog Camera can dispense treats, so you can still spoil your dog every now and again. If you combine a self-feeder with Furbo Dog Camera, there is no reason you cannot enjoy your holiday all the same.

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                 Dog looking at the owner through Furbo Camera

                It is recommended that your dog is always kept under an eye, whether you have a pet sitter taking care of him, or you can observe him from far away with a dog monitor. The most important thing is to make sure that your dog is safe, well fed and has some form of company or entertainment. A bored and lonely dog can be a very destructive one.


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