Say Goodbye to Separation Anxiety with Furbo
Feb 19, 2021

At Furbo, we love and support adoption - so many pets are out there just waiting to be loved! Last year, we gave away 50 free Furbos to adoptive families to help furbabies adjust to their new homes, and to give new pawrents peace of mind. Now we have a chance to catch up with some of the happy pups who landed a Furbo!

This week we’re featuring one of the adorable adoptees in our community (and psst, join our Facebook VIP group for a welcoming community of more Furbo friends and dogs). Read on to hear how Furbo helped with this pup’s transition from shelter to fur-ever home.

“I hope those that follow Furbo can truly see the huge difference rescuing a pet can make. It has changed our life and her life for the better and we couldn’t be happier.”

The Pawrents: Krista is a healthcare worker, and Nick is her husband. As fate would have it, Krista was dying to get a dog, but Nick had never owned one and was very dog-shy! So Krista had to get sneaky: she took Nick to a lot of dog-friendly places to get him warmed up to the idea. She succeeded, needless to say, and the couple took a roadtrip to meet their future dog.

The Pup:

Bernie on her way home

Bernie was waiting for her pawrents at that shelter. Krista and Nick were shocked by her small size, and immediately fell in love. In her car ride to her furever home, the new pawrents discovered that this gentle girl loves soft and slow music. 

And once home, she quickly adjusted. Now, according to her pawrents: “To this day, she is always SO excited to see us. We really believe that she appreciates that we adopted her and all the love we give.”

How Did Furbo Help?

Like many dogs, Bernie suffers from separation anxiety. She cries, and has trouble calming herself down. That’s where Furbo comes in! A few days after Nick and Krista introduced their pup to Furbo, she began to get used to it - in fact, she absolutely loves it. Bernie walks up to the camera to try and sneak treats, and her dad just loves that he can toss them to her when he’s away. 

“It’s been a huge help when we are gone so we can check up on our Bernie.” - Bernie’s pawrents


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