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Why You Should Dogproof Your Doors
Feb 20, 2021

Have you ever been baffled by how your pup got into the garage, or maybe that one special room you try to keep extra nice for company? It’s a real mystery - until you catch them on camera. 

 This Furbo user had a surprise from her pup Hannah (Instagram: @lifeofhhb):

“I work 12 hour shifts, and can’t check the Furbo while I’m at work, but my mother is able to ‘virtually dog sit’ from her home many states away thanks to Furbo! And also thanks to Furbo, I learned that my dog could open the closet door to get to the trashcan. As a result I installed a slide lock on that door, and now she can’t get in, even though it doesn’t stop her from trying…”

Most of us assume that unless they grow thumbs, dogs are stumped by doorknobs, but dogs actually study their owners and can learn a fair amount of their behaviors. This is especially true for large dogs, who can reach doorknobs with ease. So if you see your pup waiting by the door or pawing the door handle, chances are he’s on his way.

You’ll want to install a small lock, like the slide lock that stopped Hannah, or erect a baby gate in front of important doors. If you have a lever handle on your doors, you will especially want to secure those, as they’re easier to open than doors with round doorknobs.

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